Nullox Pulse

This document was last updated: 2020.12.10


Nullox Pulse is a server daemon developed to deliver metrics on infrastructure performance to third party polling clients. At present it compromises of nine metrics. These include cpu_load, active_db, up_time, disk_space_total, disk_space_free, disk_space_usage_percent, ram_total, ram_free, ram_usage_percent.

Clients may connect to a remote pulse daemon instance and once a connection has been established pass an authority key. If this key (set by the server) is accepted then the client will be provided a pulse string with these existing metrics.

Each metric is delimited by a single colon. The order of the metrics is equal to the official Nullox distribution. The Pulse project is freely available as open source for third party contributions and customisation.

Pulse was developed as a method to routinely poll thousands of servers supporting the needs of large organisations to provide capacity data into ongoing audit reports.

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