Update Summary

  1. We now also accept Algorand (ALGO) payments for all products and services
  2. APA Packer v1.17 now available for Linux x64 operating systems
  3. NPro Power Tools v1.12 now available
  4. Imagemod CLE is the command line edition of our batch image processing bot
  5. Permcalc added in NPro 1.10 which computes the chmod code for unix file permissions
  6. Shutdown mod updated in NPro 1.9 now with multiple event triggers
  7. Fileshred now available is a multithreaded multipass disk file permanent erasure module
  8. Screencap of the textaid module in the upcoming v1.4 of NPro Power Tools
  9. Sigma receives a large overhaul with many data analyst functions introduced

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